Triple Guarantee

In addition to the Right to claim (the time limits is 10 days on, guarantee and producer/importer assistance are valid for all purchased products as required by current regulations. "Deva Insurance 100%" ensures 100% of your shipment against loss and damage.

Deva Insurance 100%
All shipments, without exception, are insured by "Deva Insurance 100%" against any accidental event that could happen during the transport (lost, theft, damages).
If the products are broken or damaged, you have to accept the delivered package with reserve (if the package looks damaged outside). If the package appears intact and the products within are broken or damaged, take some photos of the package and the products contained therein, including the lot number of each product. We will forward your order on the same day we receive the photographic material or the day after.
In case of theft and/or loss our company has no problem to forward the lost and/or stolen products, because it is easy to track out the package thanks to the track mumber provided by the courier. So if your order has not been delivered on time because of its loss or theft, the order will be immediately forwarded to you without any cost to you.
Deva has no responsibility to any delivery delays, loss or theft so there is no reason to refuse the order or the contractual agreements.

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