For a long time, with the purpose of lubricate and / or conserve, the man uses a special "preservative" which is very harmful to humans and the environment, causing serious consequences.

There are various names used to indicate it in the INCI of various products on the market: Petrolatum, Mineral Oil or Paraffinum Liquidum, which define an ingredient, more commonly known as paraffin, liquid by-product of the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline and other petroleum-based products from crude oil (as well as certain types of lignites).


Paraffin is a common ingredient in different fields of cosmetology and body care. It is widely used as coating and "moisturizing" agent which gives a feeling of smoothness of the skin, but in fact there is no way to add water to the skin, it is only possible to prevent evaporation of the water already present in a natural manner. So paraffin "hydrates" the skin, forming a real barrier between the epidermis and the environment, which prevents the perspiration, and creates the necessary environment for the forming of certain types of anaerobic bacteria, which cause irritation as well as creating real infections, so it provokes acne problems in the susceptible individuals.

Hair removal products are based on liquid paraffin too, for 99%, which constitute the "fat" part, as in the common waxing fat-soluble and water-soluble waxes, which create and leave a "cap" on hair follicles when are in contact with the skin. In this way keratin, bacteria, sebum, and dust that are already present on the skin become oxidized provoking local inflammations, better known as folliculitis, which in become comedones in some cases.

But the biggest problem are the impurities that remain in paraffin, after the process of its refining, which could cause aging and even skin cancer. In fact European Union has applied the risk phrase R45 with Note N specific for the substances that can cause cancer.

Have you ever wondered what causes the feeling of "oiliness", which creams or waxing leave on the skin? Well, this feeling is actually caused by the residual oil and the "suffocating" action it has on the skin: that is why many infants suffer from real dermatitis, because paraffin is a common ingredient in baby cosmetics!

Paraffin, in summary, is also used because it has a very low cost and is odorless. All these factors determinate its large usage, neglecting all natural alternatives that are not harmful to man and does not cause damage to the environment, because, let's not forget that paraffin is NOT biodegradable.

The alternatives are resins, vegetable oils or butters - ecological solutions that REALLY have a repair and beneficial function on face, body and hair, because they moisturize, nourish, alleviate and protect, and have no chemical agents and surfactants or aggressive substances and irritants!