epiltech with titanium

Epiltech with Titanium has the same active ingredients as the resin Epiltech but with the addition of titanium and shea butter which make it even more gentle on the skin and the heat sensation is lower thanks to Titanium.

Titanium has a broad spectrum of bactericidal activity and together with essential oils and proteolytic enzymes reduce the hair density and delay the hair growth. Shea Butter prevents skin from aging, making Epiltech with Titanium the unique Anti-Age product for hair removal.

Now you can find the resin Epiltech also in disks, that can be fused in the microwave in a few minutes and you can use them immediately in the office or at home. In the professional field the discs are even more convenient because we can add it into the open can of resin without risking to finish it and wait for 20-30 min. for the resin to dissolved.

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