Epiltech changed the world of epilation

EPILTECH® resin does not stick on the skin, embraces the hair at its entire length removing it from the root without PAIN and without BREAKING IT. The outermost layer of the epidermis and the hydrolipidic film of the skin remain intact (without traumatic tear), which is inevitable with the fat-soluble waxes. That is why you cannot apply the fat-soluble wax more times on the same place during the epilation, and most of all it is very PAINFUL.
EPILTECH is rich in proteolytic enzymes and essential oils that slow down the hair regrowth, reduce the follicular density and hydrate your skin makeing it soft and smooth for more than 4 weeks. That is why after a few applications, the epilation with EPILTECH becomes PAINLESS.
It can be used on the entire body even on the sensitive parts of the body (as upper lip, bikini line, underarms, without causing folliculitis) and can be used also by people with fragile capillaries, because there is no traumatic tear.
EPILTECH® is advantageous - with 500 ML you can epilate 300 times upper lip, 50 times armpits, 50 times bikini line and 2/3 times legs, 4 or 5 times chest, 10 times arms. On the PROMOTIONS page you will find the Epiltech promo package which is most suitable for your needs and the price of the resin Epiltech® is equivalent to a normal fat-soluble wax 400 ML. You do not need any strips to use Epiltech® resin, so you can use it at home, saving money.

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