Dr. Giorgio Crucitti
Specialist in Cosmetic surgery
and remodeling

Dr. Crucitti, specialist in cosmetic surgery and remodeling, explains in detail how our resin Epiltech® works.

EPILTECH® resin has finally managed to change the world of the epilation and to solve many problems of unattractive women and men, such as blemishes, caused by hormonal problems such as hirsutism and hypertrichosis. EPILTECH® could be used all over the body and if used regularly could reduce the hair density and delay the hair growth, removing all common imperfections related to all other methods of hair removal (see Imperfections and How Epiltech works).

EPILTECH® resin is a 100% natural product, composed primarily of resin, rosin ester and a high percentage of bee wax. It removes the hair from the root, without breaking it and leaves the pores absolutely clean without causing redness of the skin and the usual annoying red spots (folliculitis). In this way EPILTECH® makes the skin sleek and soft for weeks. Epiltech® is much less painful than traditional waxes because the hair removal is not traumatic and jerky as it normally occurs with the traditional waxing. New hair grows weaker and thinner.

The innovation of the product is in its composition where we can find proteolytic enzymes such as Papain and Bromelain. Enzymes and essential oils of Bourbon Geranium create a vasoconstriction, that leads to total disabling of the hair bulb slowing down hair growth and reducing hair density. Afterwards hair grows more subtle and weak.

Epiltech® contains also other essential oils as Larrea divaricata, spike Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, that have regulators, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal functions, and hydrate the skin for several days after epilation. For that reason it is very important to use wash products without surfactants (see Body Gel).

Epiltech® resin is a really unique treatment, without equals and without any contraindication , and can be used by everyone - people with very sensitive skin or people who suffer from capillary fragility, pregnant women and men (see Analysis at the University of Pavia).

Epiltech® is a new method of hair removal for all those people that are not just satisfied with the sensation of smooth skin, but they require it at any cost.