Epiltech is science, Epiltech works

The University of Pavia has analysed the quality of the resin Epiltech® and its ingredients, investigating the tolerability of the product on the skin and analyzing its INCI. The results are positive.

The collected data has been statistically analysed with ANOVA test. A level of significance of 5% has been reached; therefore the variances has been considered statistically significant.

The values of all valuations on the area treated with the resin for epilation Epiltech® and that one treated with a product called generically waxing, have been adduced. It has been noted that the skin treated with Epiltech remains hydrated within 24 hours even without using products that are normally recommended before and after the application of the resin. So, it can be concluded that treatment with the resin Epiltech® has excellent tolerability without affecting in any way the epidermis or the functionalities of the skin barriers, hydrating the skin making it smooth and silky like no other hair removal product available on the market.

We have always asserted that Epiltech® resin releases on the skin essential oils and proteolytic enzymes and now we had confirmed this with the test. Oils and enzymes have to work for a few days and for this reason we recommend the Body Gel - it has no surfactants and doesn't wash away the oils and the enzymes leaving them working for 5-6 days. In this way they can penetrate in the follicular ostium, slowing down hair regrowth and making hair thinner.

In regard to the skin condition test, the purpose was to verify if there was redness and erythema. Epiltech® resin has demonstrated to be much better than wax - in view of the fact that the resin Epiltech® has a temperature of 40C and it is rich in essential oils that bring the blood to the surface, supposedly the redness should be higher than the redness after waxing, but the naturalness of the product has disprove this result, making Epiltech® much better than Waxing. If we consider that our studies have always demonstrated that the use of our products (Aloeder cream, Exfoliant gel, Body gel) increases the efficiency of the resin Epiltech®, the considerable difference between these two hair removal techniques becomes unreachable for any other hair removal product.